Citizens of Kyrgyzstan are protesting their government’s refusal to allow access to vowels.


Just finished What Is the What. It’s like the movie Precious meets study abroad.

Been a while since I posted an article. The V train’s demise makes it the Conan O’Brien of subway lines:

Really dug this article, famous authors each give 10 tips on writing fiction. Roddy Doyle continues to be awesome.

Sweet, my GPA made the Dean’s List. Of course this means I’m guaranteed to become a working screenwriter.

Which Infomercial Product Is Right For You Flow Chart

Saturday’s hike: Get your L.A. hiking gear ready: BlueTooth, NorthFace and iPad.

The hot weather girl’s giant boobs always block the weekend lows

Launched a test version of a new site for rejected poetry in motion:

Monterey Park dim sum trip was amazing, but I did eat some wax paper thinking it was food.