crossword-puzzleI don’t like that they put the Crossword Puzzle in the Arts section. Nothing against the Arts, I’m just extremely insecure about the image I project to my fellow subway riders who are surely watching me with intense curiosity about which newspaper section I read first.

The arts section is fine. It has great TV and movie news, reviews are crucial and it’s a superb source to learn of upcoming shows. But because of the influence from US Weekly and People changing the Arts Section to skew much more feminine, it’s no where close to my prime interest in the Times.

The crossword puzzle, however, can completely be my prime interest some days. Mondays through Wednesdays I only buy the paper for the crossword puzzle (Fridays I buy the Times for movie reviews, Sundays because the newspaper itself gives me a purpose in life, Thursday and Saturday I take off). But because they stick that crossword puzzle in the Arts Section it appears to subway riders that I’m buying the New York Times so that I can find out insider info on American Idol.

And don’t say that I could just take it out and fold it over to only show the crossword puzzle. Then people would think I’m buying the newspaper simply to do show off with the puzzle. As true as this may be, I don’t want anyone to know.

Granted it could be worse. They could put it in the Home & Garden section or the Styles Section or in the Comics Section. But maybe a compromise? Like two days a week we get it in the Metro Section or Business Day. Hell, put it in the Sports Section and you’d have the whole important parts of the newspaper right there.