hipster-glassesLast week I went over to pub quiz with a couple people and fortunately got there early because a huge turnout ensued. We snagged a table but had room for one person to pick up from the group of strangers and we committed some severe nerd profiling.

It was weird because we did at pub quiz exactly what a group of guys do when they have to pick teams of strangers at pickup basketball. Except in hoops when everyone goes for the tall black guy or solid country boy, we were profiling who looked like the biggest geeks.

We’re trying to size of this group that lacked considerable size by traditional nerd stereotypes. Anyone without glasses or looked like they had any potential to speak with someone of the opposite sex was immediately cut. Non-whites were unspokenly unconsidered as well, but I’m arguing that it was done in the vein that the same white guy gets snubbed at the pickup game too.

There was a squirrelly guy holding a book who looked like he was dressed by his mother and hadn’t showered in a week. Everyone else ignored him. We had our center.