mount-everestI’m tired of hearing about the blind people who climbed Mt. Everest. First it was the true story, then it was a hit book, now it’s going to be a sappy movie, yet no one seems to be addressing why blind people would want to risk death to get to a place that would offer the most spectacular view on Earth.

If anything the movie seems like a screwball comedy where there’s this group of mentally-challenged blind people who get the genius idea of seeing the world from the top of Everest, except for the whole not being able to see thing.

Their wacky teacher, goodhearted but lazy, decides to create an elaborate ruse to pretend that they’re all climbing Everest together, taking them to Minnesota instead of Tibet, waiting until winter and making up the whole adventure for the retards.

Actually that ain’t a terrible idea. Good thing no one reads this.