urinalI flew from L.A. back home to New York yesterday (as a side note words don’t exist for me to begin trying to describe how perfect, content and comfortable I feel in this real city versus the bland nothingness of the west coast). But that has little to do with this post.

I went into the bathroom in LAX and above the urinal was posted a sign that said, “Please don’t place foreign objects in urinal.”

Is the word foreign really necessary on this sign? Wouldn’t the word objects have the same effect? Is urine an object and, say, a coca cola can (which happened to be in the adjacent urinal) a foreign object? Foreigner seems like it’s poorly used in this case.

I should know better about placing objects in the urinal. But foreign objects feels like there are specific things I should not be placing in the urinal. Like Kryptonite, or Mexicans. Those should not be placed in urinals. Foreign or not.