san-jose-earthquakes-logoI was thinking about the MLS team San Jose Earthquakes and the NHL Colorado Avalanche, and it really bothered me that these mascots are things that are actually very terrifying to the local fans and residents.

I’m all in favor of having a mascot be something local, especially when it’s tied into local lore. The Baltimore Ravens (homage to Edgar Allen Poe) and New Jersey Devils (17th Century Jersey Devil mythology) are two of the best examples of this. Going local is infinitely better than something general, like the abominable Wildcats. Or, for that matter, the Abominable Wildcats.

But going local should not be something that is terrifying to the actual locals. San Jose Earthquakes have caused deaths throughout history, as have Colorado Avalanches. Come to think of it, the Chicago Fire of MLS is another poorly-named team, one which borders on mockery.

A little research turned up that the San Jose Earthquakes actually play at a stadium constructed in 1962. A stadium over fifty years old situated on one of America’s most-active fault lines? This could be the first time that a team and its attending fans are all killed by the same mascot of said team. That is, of course, unless the Tampa Bay Lightening’s ice melts just as an electrical storm forms overhead.