wi-fi-zone-logoI went down to D.C. last weekend, a city with permanent residents who are douche bag lawyers mixed with temporary tourists who are fat, stupid southerners. This makes me not understand why there was a problem when they had a crack head mayor.

My friend recommended I take the DC2NY Bus which turned out to be a great experience. I didn’t bring my laptop, but they stressed the fact that they were the first carrier to offer free Wi-Fi for the mid-Atlantic trip.

What I found funny, though, was that the internet ON THE BUS was password protected.

You needed a password code to logon to the internet hooked to the sixty-five M.P.H. transportation vehicle.

I’m all for streamlining business practices to aid efficiency, but this seems like they’re not giving people along the Jersey Turnpike the benefit of the doubt. This means that the DC2NY bus is protecting themselves against two types of people:

The first is those who have laptops and get in their cars and follow the bus to try and steal their Internet. I doubt this is the case because rising gas costs, the amount of money to purchase a notebook computer, coupled with the cost of buying and financing a car surely outweighs the money saved by not having Internet, right?

The second group are those who already have homes (presumably alongside, or close to, I-95) who save on Internet by only connecting at their homes for the three seconds that the bus passes through. This would require a radar detector and to be completely ready with Firefox set to connect to Gmail when that box starts beeping.

It’s a good thing that the bus is tall enough so that people don’t try to drive alongside to watch the movie on our TV screens. Then the DC2NY bus would require special vision goggles to keep the outsiders where they belong…OUT!