cave-paintingWhat is it with girls wanting to show me completely random pictures at a very early stage of a relationship? It doesn’t even need to be early in a relationship, this phenomenon has occurred to me after (or morning after) one-night stands on more than one occassion.

This regularity can’t be a coincidence because of how rarely I appear in a one-stand stand (the ultimate cameo, I suppose), so the odds of having a one-night stand coupled with the odds that I’d sleep with the specific number of girls intent on showing random photos is something like ten to the trillianth power.

But that’s not the point. My point is trying to figure out why I’ve been shown these completely random photographs of people and places that I don’t know, and really don’t have the slightest care to know.

I wonder if this goes back to caveman times. Like a caveman would take his club and bang some girl over the head with it. Then he’d drag the girl into a cave, they’d have crazy caveperson sex, then fall asleep for the night. I wonder if the next morning, the woman would be like, “C’mon, lemme show you my cave paintings. Please, take a look. I paint them all the time. Look, this is a painting of Jenny and Stacy, you don’t know them but don’t the paintings look good?”