happy_toothY’know when you haven’t eaten in a while and then you bite into something ultra-sweet, like an oreo or a chocolate bar and you get that shot of pleasure through the nerves connected to your teeth?

I wonder if this is technically the tooth-equivalent of an orgasm. I mean you have all the nerve endings there and it’s that brief but awesome feeling of pleasure.

I think if you achieve this feeling by eating something that’s nothing but sugar and chocolate then it’s the masturbation version, right? I mean it still feels great for the shot of pleasure but afterwards you feel kind pathetic and fat and depressed.

On the other hand, if the feeling of tooth-nerve nirvana is achieved by having a salad or something really healthy, that would be like the Buddhist zen tantra version where you can supposedly sustain tooth heaven for hours on end and brag about it to all your ordinary “Westernized” friends.