Techno clubs: perfect for one-liners

Techno clubs: perfect for one-liners

It’s not that white Jewish men don’t dance. That would be a Semetic and cultural stereotype. More accurately, white Jewish men don’t know how to dance. The stereotypes just come out of that.

We collectively have nothing against going to dance clubs and electronica shows and raves. The problem is that we don’t have a prayer at picking up girls in this type of setting.

The Jewish Male, as a species, thrives on using his intellectual wit and cunning sarcasm and promising wealth to belittle the tall, strong, good-looking men who know how to dance.

Therefore when we go to a dance club, we’re put at a severe disadvantage when it comes to potentially getting laid.

A white Jewish male trying to pickup an attractive girl in a dance club is the social equivelant of a warm-weather football team playing an away game in Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Simply put, clubbing for Jews is an away game.