the pinnacle of modern science

the pinnacle of modern science

I take my time when I’m on the toilet. Nothing excessive, just I get a book or a newspaper and make myself at home, even when I’m out and about. But I recently realized that you know you spend too much time on the toilet when the laser beam automatic flusher just decides that it’s been enough.

Ever have this happen to you, where you overstay your welcome on the laser flushing timer? It’s as though a robotically-designed piece of modern technology can’t even fathom that anyone would stay on the toilet that long.

Laser beams and robots can do millions of calculations per millisecond, yet somehow it doesn’t even have it close to its radar, database, point of reason, that I’m not done with the sports section yet.

The machines are taking over.

One toilet at a time.

And doesn’t this seem like a slight waste of laser-beam technology? Shouldn’t we have Terminators by now?