She said: "I won't go out with you."

She said: "I won't go out with you."

If someone is wearing a T-shirt with a joke on it, it’s usually an effective way to tell that said person is not funny.

I never understood the mindset of purchasing things so not funny, but it must strike as genius while the moron is wandering through Hot Topic or along Venice Beach.

Wearing the shirt is a whole other story, unless the sought intention is to advertise, “Hey, everyone! Just wanna let you all know that I am really not funny. Like, not at all.”

The shirts are so not funny, that they actually borderline on a little crazy. They always say something like, “The voices in my head say, ‘I’m not normal,'” or, “There’s a village missing its town retard somewhere.”

I think I’m most annoyed by the general proclamation made to the forty people on the subway car with whom this idiot is announcing his unfunny joke T-shirt. “I’m not a psychopathic killer, but the voices in my head are telling me to kill you all.”