She's on prozac. He's married.

She's on prozac. He's married.

My friend was telling me that he doesn’t like going on first dates because they feel too much like a job interview. On the flip side, though, I love going on job interviews because they always feel like first dates.

When I live in Los Angeles, I miss the pizza, I miss the bagels, but I think one of the key absentees is going on dates with crazy New York girls. In New York you get real psychos that have tricked you into taking them out for drinks. In L.A. everyone’s just into themselves. But there’s no psycho personality with that.

I’ve had first dates with girls who told me their date rape stories, a couple have told me the names of the children they’re planning on having, one even announced after sex that she was getting revenge on her cheating boyfriend. Kicks the ass of your straightforward L.A. daddy issues.

I think it’s because that in New York City, people wake up with the mentality that life sucks and you have to fight the city minute-by-minute to be happy. Something about that builds character. How you can you be interesting if you can go to the beach every day?