black people

black people

I’ve found that it’s very difficult to be in fight with someone where you’re yelling at him/her in a pure rage of fury and at the same time sustain correct grammar and syntax.

It’s an art, really. Either you’re going to sound intelligent and lose the anger, or you’re going to sustain being mad, but sound like an idiot. No one really wins. Well, until you win the fight.

Even in trying to walk away from the fight, the problem ensues further. Someone tries to walk out and you want to yell, “WHERE THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TO!!!???” But that ends the sentence in a preposition.

You could just drop the ‘to,’ but then there’s no edge. My vote is for restructuring the entire sentence and arguing as though it were the eighteenth century. This leaves you with, “FROM WHENCE THE FUCK DOTH THOU THINK YOU’RE MOTHERFUCKING GOING!!!!????”

This is probably how people fight at Renaissance Fairs. Sounds fun actually.