Dance party to cheer up staring military guy

Dance party to cheer up staring military guy

In my opinion, there’s no question as to the best song of the decade. It’s hands-down that bar mitzvah/crappy wedding song (as in the wedding is crappy, not the song), that starts, “Every-body clap your hands…”

It then continues with specific lyrics like, “Sliiiide to the left…sliiiiide to the right.”

This is easily the best dance song in history because the instructions are right there. It’s the perfect song for white people.

Why can’t all songs be like this? The Macarena had to reach a level of saturation that Al Gore was doing it for white people to know all the steps. That took weeks. You can hear the Ev’ry body clap your hands song, and you’ve got the moves down pact immediately.

They should replace the lyrics in Shakira’s Hips Don’t Like to something along the lines of, “Sway your thiiiiiighs to the left…sway your hiiiiiips to the right.” Jews would learn how to dance under such circumstances.