He'll be fired from this new job

He'll be fired from this new job

I get way too infuriated when I’m waiting for an elevator with the up or down button already pressed and lit, when someone comes over and presses it again.

Do you not trust me, madam? Clearly it’s pressed. Clearly I’m standing here. Clearly I’m not retarded.

Have you ever seen someone just hanging out by an elevator alone not getting on? They’re lost, probably, or they have an innate fear of pressing elevator buttons and are just waiting for someone to come by and handle it, and we all know how common that is.

It’s so unfriendly, I think is my issue with the matter. It’s one thing if the lightbulb is burned out. It’s another if you get into the elevator and instinctively you reach for the button, which just happens to be pressed.

But why press it when I’m standing there obviously waiting there? What are they expecting of me? “Oh, you had to press the direction I’m going!? Thank you so much for the lesson. You’re my hero!” Asshole.