Rat traps can't stop rats with guns

Rat traps can't stop rats with guns

Ever see that kids movie Fievel Goes West about a rodent trying to cross America, or something like that?

There’s this part where the rodent and his friend are separated and lost and wandering alone through the desert. They keep seeing mirages and oases. Suddenly they walk right past each other (the odds of this I’m not going to get into). But they’re imagined so many visions that they figure that it’s not really their friend so they walk past each other without saying hello.

This is what dating in Los Angeles is like.

You’ve seen so many fake beautiful looking people and when you talk to them you discover that they’re not real. So when you spot a girl who might actually be real and interesting and intelligent, you walk past her without saying hello because you assume she’s a mirage.

Go West young rodent. And be disappointed by the women when you get there.