Mr. Baseball moustache sold separately

Mr. Baseball moustache sold separately

I haven’t seen much of Don Mattingly in all these recent festivals about the new Yankee Stadium and their historical retrospectives. Although he was a great player, there was something about the fact that he was on losing teams that makes him not fit in with the traditional Yankee lore.

Then I realized who this reminds me of. Don Mattingly is the New York Yankee equivalent of what Eddie Murphy was to Saturday Night Live.

Think about it. They were both huge stars in the eighties, but stuck with lousy casts. The Yankees of the eighties are right up there with Joe Piscapo and Charles Rocket. But Eddie – and Mattingly- at least made it watchable from time to time.

Even now, you don’t really associate Eddie Murphy with SNL. Mattingly, I’m not sure what he’s up to. Probably coaching somewhere, on some new “Meet Dave,” or “The Fatties in Fat Suits” movie that I vaguely hear about. He’s got a career, but nothing like it was in the eighties, and people often reminisce about both having good old days.