Godzilla (O.S.)

Godzilla (O.S.)

Ever have someone describe the details of the marathon or triathlon that they plan on running and you feel more fatigued than if you were to actually take part in the event?

Triathletes are the worst because they make you feel like such a waste of life. “I’m going to bike for 100 miles, swim 18 miles and then after that I run a marathon.”

“Yeah? Well I’m going to take a nap.”

I don’t think I’ve ever run a marathon, like cumulatively if you add up all the running I have ever done in my entire life.

The closest I’ve come is to do the exact opposite a triathlon. I wonder what the opposite of a triathlon would be. Like I went out drinking for nine hours, slept for fourteen hours and then masturbated a half-dozen times.