phallus, or delicious phallus?

phallus, or delicious phallus?

I was eating an ice cream cone the other day when I realized the difference between the male and female sex drive.

Guys can’t keep their eyes off a woman eating an ice cream. We stare at her tongue, watching her technique, seeing how she works it, it’s a natural impulse.

But if women really had the same sex drive as men, then they would stare at men eating ice cream cones with the same glossed-over fervor. Except it wouldn’t be while licking the cone, it would be when you have to use your tongue to get the residue ice cream from inside the cone.

If girls really had the same sex drive as men, they’d be yearning for the moment to see a guy use his tongue to reach inside the cone’s depths. But they don’t.

Imagine that, if women walk into walls and almost get hit by cars because they can’t stop staring at the guy who dips his entire lower-face into the cone to get out every last drop.