Cherry aphrodisiac

Cherry aphrodisiac

I recently slept with a girl. A few days later I came down with a sore throat, nagging cough and runny nose. Looking back, I remembered the girl saying that she had recently been sick.

This makes me wonder: if you have sex with someone and catch the flu, does it count as an STD?

I guess the easy answer is No, because you can catch the flu in other ways. However, if you want to look at it like that, then certain STDs should be disqualified because you can get some of those without having sex as well.

For example you can spread herpes by sharing underwear, so why is it an STD? Or you can give someone AIDS by trading needles. Or you can get pregnant by sitting on an unclean toilet seat, not that pregnancy is an STD (well, depends on who you ask actually).

I think the moral is to have yourself tested for all diseases before becoming sexually active. Not just chlamydia or crabs, but the flu, chicken pox and other transmittable STDs as well.