Photo taken right before he killed himself

Photo taken right before he killed himself

So the economy is in the toilet and all my friends are losing their jobs and companies are cutting back in every facet they can find.

I get that this might be a necessity in the current times, but what I don’t get is that if they do all this when the economy is bad, why don’t the splurge in an opposite manner when things are going well?

I want the positive equivalent of what’s going on now when the economy is booming. Right now, everyone is on edge. They’re scared and nervous and snap at you all the time. So I want the flip side when the money is rolling in. When things pick up again, I want clowns and midgets rolling down the aisles of work hallways for no reason other than to brighten your day.

Or some sort of prostitution day would be nice. One day a month where everyone gets a hooker. If things tighten up, we can all share hookers, but I think there should definitely be more hooking in the workplace to atone for all this garbage going on now.