No more free rides

No more free rides

Although I support handicapped parking spaces and the requirement of commercial establishments to have handicapped access, I think we should draw the line at letting people in wheelchairs cut lines at amusement parks.

This infuriates me, not because it’s being perceived as some sort of pennence to “make up” for their disability, but because no one is better equipped at waiting in line than someone in a wheelchair.

It’s one thing if they got Forrest Gump leg braces, of if they have a cane and some back issues or a walker (not that they should be riding the coaster in the first place. Why not just add a separate line for the pregnant at that point?). But a wheelchair? C’mon.

This is a situation where non-handicapped people are facing descrimination. People are waiting in a slow-moving queue and get to sit the whole time, get to jump the entire line. They should have wheelchairs for everyone through the theme park. C’mon Six Flags.