How poor people fake luxury

How poor people fake luxury

I was watching 30 Rock on Hulu, which was sponsored by KIA, so you get subjected to a few of their thirty second ads. I was offended, though, that instead of pushing their crappy KIA cars, they tried to swindle me on their new KIA luxury SUV.

Something about KIA luxury SUV is sort of like new Lays caviar. I don’t mind that they have a luxury car, what gets to me is that they figure I’m the target audience for the “cheap version” because I’m watching the “cheap version” of television.

I get the logic, I just don’t like it, I suppose. It makes sense: “Hey, we’re a crappy Korean car maker who wants to sell our ‘luxury’ version in the same way that you’d get a knockoff luxury purse in Chinatown, where can we advertise?”

And that’s where Hulu comes in. “How bout with those people who watch the knockoff version of television?” Perfect.