A story about a hot nun

A story about a hot nun

So I go on this date with a very religiously-observant Conservative girl, and I realized that I lose any sort of convictions and opinions in the name of getting laid. I will pretty much agree with any political creed so that I appear like a nice guy girls will sleep with.

Looking at my past relationships: member of the Communist Party, hardcore Obama supporter and pro-war twice-voter of Bush, I stand for nothing except agreeing with pretty girls because they’ll sleep with me.

On the bright side, this game comes off as respectful because I thoroughly listen to what the girl is talking about. Meanwhile I’m thinking, “This girl is insane.” Fortunately, that has never gotten in the way of sex.

Also, it’s a good sign that it’s definitely a bad match if she’s so crazy that I won’t try and sleep with her. When she’s spouts incoherent political beliefs and I still won’t sleep with her, then there’s no hope. Like a Nazi, for example. Ah, who we kidding? If she’s hot enough, that swastika is getting sewed onto the jacket and the head’s getting shaved.

Speaking of which, ever see an orthodox, conservative hottie? It’s very frustrating. I wonder if they know whether she’s hot or not? It’s like a duel life, some sort of Sliding Doors type of thing. And it’s worse for sleazy dudes like me (see above), because that guilt of corruption is way too tempting.