Standing next to you at Spaceland

Standing next to you at Spaceland

I hadn’t been surrounded by hipsterdom in a while, so when I went to Silverlake for a show last night, I got to view hipsters in all their glorified dignity with fresh eyes. What struck me is how much the hipster look is beginning to increasingly impede upon the stylings of Waldo, from those Where’s Waldo? books.

The body frame and pants are already there. Tall and skinny with jeans that are too small and all topped off with those thick-black frame hipster glasses and you immediately have the look of how Waldo would dress if he were going out for a night on the town.

But it’s getting more uncanny than that. All the hipsters I saw last night are now sporting the red flannel wool lumberjack shirts. Granted these have more of a plaid design than Waldo’s bare-bones horizontal piping, but the red-and-white patches across the lanky hipster frame is getting close.

Top it all off with the fact that around Christmas time someone’s going to get the brilliant idea to ironically don a red-and-white Santa hat while already rocking the wool red shirt and tight pants and suddenly you’re in that Where’s Waldo? scene where he’s surrounded by all the other Waldos and you have to find the right one. Creepy.