Seriously. The guy deciding abortion decided to live here.

Seriously. The guy deciding abortion decided to live here.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of rule against serving on the Nation’s highest court if you live in a house that makes the unibomber shack look cozy?

I’m all for letting ones organization of their personal life not be an impetus to success with their professional life, but I mean that in regards to being a mailman. Not the guy who decides whether guns and abortion is OK.

Clearly he has a problem when it comes to settling on a painter. Or a termite guy or lawnmower while we’re at it. Yet, he chooses whether God exists in the classroom, when he has trouble flipping through the yellow pages.

I like what Souter’s done, but now I can’t think about him without thinking about that home where the cross-dresser in Silence of the Lambs asks the kidnapee to put the lotion in the basket.

At least we have the first Supreme Court justice candidate for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but this is a good sign of how research was done before the age of the Internet. When he was nominated, I’m sure he came in for some interviews. Now? Whoever is nominated is not living in that home.

A good rule of thumb is that if you live in a home that looks like it belongs to someone who got arrested and ended up in court, then you shouldn’t be the one to make decisions in said court.