Hollywood's standard racist depiction of robots

Hollywood's standard racist depiction of robots

It might be The Rise of the Machines, but apparently this means it’s also the rise of ignorant, offensive and downright racist portrayals of robots by the “Liberal” Hollywood elite.

Movies like the upcoming Terminator Salvation do nothing but reinforce the stereotype of robots being violent, murderous killing machines that are hell-bent on destroying the human race at all costs. You know who else described an entire race of people with such derogatory claims? Nazis.

Robots historically have contributed much more to society than they have destroyed the human race, but if the media continues with their offensive portrayals, these good endeavors will be forgotten. If you need your Chinese food reheated, who’s there for you? A robot. If you your floor cleaned and don’t trust a human being, where do you go? Once again, your trusty robot. And where are these good robots in Terminator Salvation? Exactly.

We need more films like Wall-E that depict the more humane side of robots, and less films like Terminator 4 that show the more human-killing side. Sure there are some robots that are hellbent on human destruction, but why should those few bad apples ruin it for the rest? Or do we still live in Draconian times where we hold an entire race responsible for the negative actions of a handfull?

Grow up Hollywood. Leave your scare tactics back with McCarthyism and witch hunts and let’s treat robots with the respect they deserve.