A jewdar detector exploded

A jewdar detector exploded

I think the ankle-length denim skirt has to be the worst fashion-religious compromise in the rich tradition of bad Jewish religious fashion.

It’s not like the girls are going all-out Jewish, with the shaved head, wig, black skirt and Orthodox husband by her side. But it’s not the reformed, slutty Jewish girl that we all know and love. It comes off like, “I’m an orthodox Jewish girl. And I also like Roy Rogers.”

In other words, the angle-length denim skirt is the female version of the yarmulke. A three-foot denim yarmulke.

Who is supposed to be fooled by this? It’s not using denim instead of cotton or silk is rebelling when maybe all that’s being shown is a centimeter of sock. And now it has permeated so much that there’s no hiding the Orthodox association.

There’s no getting around the Jewish tradition of bad fashion choices. And this doesn’t help.