If you think this is alegorically important, you can be wrong

If you think this is allegorically important, you can be wrong

I wish that art, like fine arts, painting and sculpturing and other stuff that means you probably have a regular day job, could be just as subjective as all the other forms of art.

I think it should no longer be accepted that art is whatever you want it to be. Instead, I want people to be right and wrong and have good and bad taste in art.

We have it in every other form of creativity. For example, if somebody thinks that X-Men Origins is a good movie, but they didn’t “get” The Wire, then that person is an idiot. He/she – eh, who are we kidding – he is an uncultured moron with terrible taste and no validity to share his thoughts on what is good and bad in the world. That person is wrong.

But art is open to interpretation, and whatever you feel is acceptable, and art speaks to many minds and opinions and types of people who feel different things. Art needs to take a stand and grow a pair.

Your opinion can suck with everything else, it should suck with art as well.