Batman speaks on world peace (O.S.)

Batman speaks on world peace (O.S.)

Why is it that whenever the Muslim World gathers for a speech, conference or convention they all manage to fit the exact stereotype depicted in the opening fight sequence of every David Zucker movie?

It’s almost as if they watched the introduction of Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun or An American Carroll right before they decided how they would dress for the day. Then went into their garage and found the weirdest car parts they could locate then decided to use that for head wear.

I’m all for cultural differences and awareness and acceptance, but dressing like you’re about to receive the world address from the 1960s Adam West Batman is not going to help your cause.

I hope that Obama can forge world peace and eliminate nuclear weapons and form bonds between nations with inherent cultural differences. But I don’t think that conducting speeches in front of an audience that looks like Warner Brothers saved money by hiring extras from people waiting for the taxi medallions is the way to go.