Paid off? Yes. Steel chair-permitting? No.

Paid off? Yes. Steel chair-permitting? No.

There are a lot of complaints over the quality of officiating in the NBA, but those critics have nothing on the complaints about officials in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yeah NBA refs miss a call here and there and are susceptible to giving superstars easy fouls, but at least they don’t repeatedly, year after year, make enormous errors due to their own ineptness.

How many tag-team matches can one stand where the ref gets distracted while the good wrestler gets double-teamed by the bad guys when one of them isn’t even supposed to be legally in the ring! It’s absurd.

NBA refs might reward an unjustified three-point play, but I’ve never seen a Knicks game where a ref is distracted and one team is allowed to use steal chairs to bludgeon the other team to a pulp. Pacers games maybe, but rarely at best.

My point is that NBA fans need to look at World Wrestling Entertainment and realize it could be a whole lot worse.

The world championship – the most prestigious plateau and belt that one can earn – has changed hands because a referee was knocked out in the middle of a bout. And despite all the illegal stuff that one of the wrestlers did in that interval, the ref woke up just as he saw the good guy getting pinned. That is ridiculous. You thought soccer’s problem with one official was bad, that’s nothing.

I would gladly take the old refs, missed calls and bribed refs of the NBA any day. At least they’re consistent.