Was he a good enough Governor to earn some free whores?

Was he a good enough Governor to earn some free whores?

If politicians spent their own money to have affairs and sex scandals – not tax dollars – there should be no reason for them to resign if they get busted, provided that they’re a good politician.

I don’t know if this Sanford guy was doing a good job or not because I don’t stay up on South Carolina’s political scene as much as stuff that matters. I’m not sure what determines a good job as governor in South Carolina, a state that seems perennially fucked.

But if the guy is doing a great job, who cares if he takes a weekend to bang a chick in Argentina? It might be what helps him continue to do a good job.

This is what annoyed me so much about Spitzer resigning. Yeah, I get that it was hypocritical to campaign against prostitution and then go ahead and sleep with a prostitute, but the girl wasn’t an Eddie Murphy prostitute that he picked up on Crenshaw Avenue, she was a high-classed Girlfriend Experience kind of girl. There should be levels of prostitutes. Full-on whores, and ones that you actually have to shell out for.

Spitzer was a good Governor because he thrived on the risk of tackling big corporations and monopolies. He was willing to stake his political career to do what was right. It’s probably that same rush of going against the grain and possibly getting caught that made him chase whores. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a vice that is totally worth him being a good governor.

Cheating on your wife is wrong, but it doesn’t make someone a bad politician, and certainly shouldn’t give reason to resign. It’s just sex. Yeah, the marriage is screwed, but why should that get in the way of a career of the rare politician who is actually effective.

If a politician does a good job, we should be rewarding him with hookers, not persecuting him for giving himself a little treat.