Civil Rights means men will still do purple chicks

Civil Rights means men will still do purple chicks

Hot girls, or even mildly attractive ones for that matter, have zero right to call themselves nerds under any circumstance. Even if they actually are nerds in the traditional sense, a hot girl can never in any way be a real nerd.

If a girl is hot – no matter what her interest are – guys will have sex with her. A girl could be a white supremacist neo-Nazi with an ex-boyfriend intent on cutting any potential suitor’s balls off, but if given the opportunity any guy would still have sex with her because she is hot. It’s called spring break in Daytona Beach, Florida.

If a girl is hot and she actually enjoys going to comic book movies and can be a legitimate contender in your fantasy football league, it doesn’t make her nerdy. In fact, it makes you want to have sex with her more because you don’t have to pretend that you don’t like those things. Nor do you have to compromise and do some of her boring stuff in return.

Girls can be nerds but hot girls cannot because being a nerd comes with an unavailability of sex that would rival that of a monk. And hot girls can always – under any circumstance – get laid. The problem is that this isn’t in the official definition of a nerd. For some reason it’s become acceptable to say that a nerd is someone who simply enjoys or does nerdy things. But in reality, it’s a lifestyle.

A guy I know would compare the social circles in his video game-related job to the groups of superheroes in the Justice League and wear comic book shirts – unironically – on a daily basis. He never got laid. He was a nerd. A girl can have all of these same traits, but if she’s hot then she is not a nerd.

Being a nerd means that you’re a social outcast and you can’t be socially ostracized if people want to have sex with you. Women can be nerds, but they have to be ugly and overweight. In fact, it’s even tougher for women because you have to be especially ugly to be a female nerd. As long as you can be clearly discerned as a woman, other nerds will still hit on you. You have to be something out of Ice Road Truckers or the book Middlesex to be a female nerd.

This all goes back to every 1980s movie where the jocks were the bad guys and the nerdy nice guy won out at the end. Revenge of the Nerds, Back to the Future, Weird Science, Karate Kid. Suddenly if you were cool and popular and good looking then you were the bad guy in pop culture.

So all these people who were indeed cool and popular and attractive in high school now pretend that they’re total nerds after they almost bought Watchmen because being a nerd is the cool thing to do. But if sex is a possibility then you cannot be a nerd. Guys know this, it would be nice if girls stopped pretending as well.