There are plenty of less-deserving reality show stars

There are plenty of less-deserving reality show stars

Everyone is upset over the Heene family pulling off the hoax that got us on edge for the sake of pitching their reality show, but can you honestly think of a better pilot you’ve watched in the last couple years? Not only was this the greatest pilot-presentation that I’ve ever seen, but I’m desperate to follow them throughout the rest of season one.

This is an excellent TV show and they absolutely deserve to get a full-season order. I don’t know how the pitch itself didn’t sell: Every week, Falcon Heene gets lost in spectacular fashion and the United States Military has to bust out its trillion-dollar machines to try and find him. You watched it last week and that was just the teaser.

Episode two, he gets lost in an ancient mine shaft that is loaded with TNT and the Army Corps of Engineers has to save him. Episode three, he falls off the dad’s boat in shark-infested waters and the coast guard has to come to the rescue. Episode 4, kidnapped by Somali pirates and the Navy Seals get to work. Episode 5, Taliban.

I know you’re saying that it would get old with each episode ending in, “Oh, he was in the attic all along,” but what is a better timewaster while you’re at work than three hours of CNN covering the Army putting all their technology to use to find this kid? We spend so much more money on our military than any other nation, and the wacky mishaps of Falcon Heene can finally justify our defense budget.

Maybe you could make the argument that people would feel guilty because we would be spending millions of dollars every week when the kid wasn’t lost in the first place, but aren’t all reality shows guilty pleasures?

We’ve got hovercrafts, amphibians helicopters, heat-seeking sensors, supersonic jets and supercomputers just sitting around collecting dust, but imagine if we can watch them try and find a six-year-old on a weekly basis. You were having a blast last week trying to figure out if the kid was dead or not in spectacular fashion. And if there was a whole season of it, I would be first in line to buy the DVD.