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Really neat ad by the New Zealand book counsel:


Check out episode 8 of Film Talk. Max and Kate’s attempts at making the other jealous fails during a review of The Road:

Silly article today, but still drunk off turkey. Runner-ups For President of the European Union:

Nat’l Geographic photo contest finalists. Beautiful pics:

This bird works its ass off to get laid:

New Men’s National Team jerseys leaked for 2010 World Cup. Wrote an article way too long about them:

I’ve been drinking Starbucks tea after taking a year off. I feel like we’re having an illicit affair behind Insomnia Cafe’s back.

Hilarious new video on The Onion. Crazy offensive. Nice:

1920s-themed bike ride of downtown L.A.’s 1920s architecture on Saturday:

Good, I needed content for tonight’s nightmare. Fossil of crocodile ancestor: