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Maybe if I write my next script in Movie Magic instead of Final Draft it will sell?


Super Bowl tickets are $1,800 on StubHub. What bothers me is the $10 processing fee they tack on.

This is how I look when I go to college parties:

This whole work thing is exhausted. Anyone want to buy a script about ugly Alaskan strippers? $500…$495…A compliment.

Monumental Food Industry Books Have Motivated Me To Give Unhealthy Foods Really Dirty Looks:

Do Foreign Umbrella Salesmen in New York Always Yell At You Because They Don’t Have a Word for Umbrella?

Lights are glaring off my glass desk at work. Anyone have some football player eye black grease I can borrow?

Number of open Firefox tabs vs. early hour in the morning lets me know how much of I mess I am that day. I’m up to 15 and it’s 11 AM. Ugh.

Shouldn’t Jackie Chan have English down by now? Click the links in the article as well.

And yes I’m aware my work profile is a mid-30s housewife struggling with body issues. She’s big boned, OK?