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Spanish for one eye

Spanish for one eye

I hate when you’re flipping through the TV channels and come across a movie you really want to watch, just to find out a split second later that the whole thing has been dubbed in Spanish.

Can’t they add English subtitles to the original English movie for these frustrating situations? We gave them the channels in the first place, seems like the least they can do.

There's even a hole in the building

There's even a hole in the building

I had to go drop off a package at Creative Artists Agency, but being the lowly intern I am, they directed me to depths hundreds of feet underground into the receiving docks.

But here’s what’s great about Los Angeles, California. I was on level D of the mail room basement and there were still hot people there. On level D. Four floors into the basement, like forty or fifty feet UNDERGROUND and there were hot people there.

If you go to level D of any other corporation, you encounter trolls and goblins and freaks that they pulled out of the sewers like the Penguin. Not at CAA. They had hot people.

Century City must be the only place in the world where you can go to Level D and the women are still too good for you. It’s terrifying.

the grove los angeles

The Grove: A mall, with no roof/Sbarros

I went to the movies yesterday, and for the first time, the characters in the movie I was watching went to the place where I was watching the movie itself.

It was bizarre. I had a much-needed night off, so I decided to relax, get away from everything, head for a little escapism, so I walked over to the Pacific Theaters at The Grove to see I Love You, Man (pretty good stuff). But about half-way in, the characters in the movie, make a visit to the Pacific Theaters at The Grove.

So I’m left with this existential experience of going to a place and watching a movie depicting the place where I’m watching the movie. The only way to have made this more mind-boggling is if the characters in the movie, went to the movie theater where I was sitting and either: a) watched a movie about me sitting in a theater watching a movie, or b) the actors coincidentally went out that night to the movie theater, and sat down next to me just after they had walked into the movie on the screen.

These are the kinds of things that make the universe implode.

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