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Pulitzer Prize gay sex inside

Pulitzer Prize gay sex inside

Ever read a book in a place where people can read over your shoulder, like a bus, subway or airplane, and all of a sudden you get ambushed by a hardcore gay sex scene that comes out of nowhere?

I don’t have a problem with gay stories, but it’s when you get ambushed by the gay part of straight stories that I could use a warning.

This happened the other week when I was reading an excellent book, Kavalier and Clay, on the subway. As any real New Yorker knows, the book you’re reading is more important for showing off to other riders than actually enjoying reading it.

So I’m proud of my great book, showing its Pulitzer Prize medal to anyone who happens to walk by and wonder what that intelligent-looking guy is indulging in now. But that’s when one of the main characters turns out to be gay and has a descriptive gay sex scene written with the precision of Pulitzer Prize fiction.

Normally, no problem at all. But it’s the fact that the train was packed and there were clearly people reading over my shoulder that I ran into trouble. This all could have been easily avoided if there had been a footnote a few pages prior to the gay sex scene simply saying, “Listen this is gonna get real gay soon, so heads up if you’re on the A train.”

This is opposed to people intentionally sharing a book like, “The art of gay sex” for everyone on the subway to notice, which, hey, go all out, right?

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